Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the produce come from?

The Farm Bridge purchases produce from over 20 different farms in New York State and the Hudson Valley region.  Our many farm partners allow us to offer a nice variety of vegetables and berries - truly the best of the region!  For many local farmers, our winter share is a crucial source of revenue.  All of our packages identify the farm where the food was grown.

Is it organic?

We work with a variety of farms, some of which are certified organic or small farms that grow without the use of any chemical pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, but we do not claim that the share is organic. We label each package with the name of the farm where the produce was grown. We do this to foster a connection between farmer and consumer. Our members appreciate this transparency.

How much is in a share?

One share is enough to supplement the meals of a small family (3-4 people).  You'll receive a total 35 items over the course of the share. Some families who do a lot of cooking with vegetables sign up for 2 shares.

What can I do with the frozen produce?

Most of our items will work as additions to common winter meals, such as soups, chilis, stews, etc.  But they're also great as stand-alone vegetable side dishes, such as green beans, winter greens, butternut squash puree, broccoli, sweet corn, and edamame.  Berries brighten pancakes, muffins, smoothies, or just eat them out straight out of the bag!  Diced peppers are delicious in omelets or frittatas.  And our tomatoes make the best homemade pasta sauce!  See our Recipes page for more ideas.

Do you offer group pricing at a discounted rate?

Yes, please email us at for our Group Pricing informational sheet. We're happy to help you create a winter distribution for your group!