Tips for using The Farm Bridge Products:

Although I love to cook, I sometimes feel the pressure at 5 pm when we need to eat dinner at 6pm, and I have no idea what to make.  Over the last few years, Julie and I have come to appreciate having The Farm Bridge vegetables in the freezer. Knowing you have a healthy, easy, delicious (and local) option really helps.  I decided to add this page to give you tips and ideas for using The Farm Bridge produce.

Defrosting: Don't worry about needing everything to be defrosted thoroughly. With any soup or stew I add the veggies in frozen, then slowly heat until defrosted, a quick boil and all set. With the purees it takes longer, but you can start defrosting them in a bowl of hot water, then over low heat on the stove top.    

Extras: Most times I use the whole package, but sometimes I don't need it all (think peppers). With the IQF veggies, I open the whole package, use some peppers, then put the extra back in the freezer.

Don't overcook:  Most of the vegetables are blanched, so don't overcook them. Freezing does break down some of the structure, but all the taste and vitamins are still there. When sauteing with fresh vegetables, add the frozen ones after the fresh have cooked some. When making a soup, wait until five minutes before it's done, then add the frozen vegetable or veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, greens...etc) to the pot, cover and cook until heated through. The frozen veggies steam and cook right into the soup...delicious.

Green Beans: I love the green beans whole when sauteing, but I find with the kids, it is nice when they are cut into 1-2 inch pieces. I find it easiest to defrost them slightly, before chopping up and adding to my dish.  Also when sauteing you can drain the excess water as they cook.

Happy cooking,


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