The Farm Bridge Shares (the evolution of Winter Sun Farms) partners with regional farms to supply a winter share of great tasting frozen fruits and vegetables all winter long. Our goal is to deliver a superior product at a fair price for you and the farmer.

Our farmers care for the land and the food they grow. They are part of our communities. We want you to know them, who they are and how they grow. We make it simple… the name of the farm goes right on the package.

Our winter share consists of frozen items which are either individually quick frozen (IQF) or pureed fruits/vegetables. The IQF process freezes each kernel of corn, each berry, which not only maximizes flavor, but allows you to parcel out what you need (without having to hack off a chunk from a solid block), and put the rest of the package back in the freezer. We freeze at the peak of freshness, often hours after the farmer’s harvest.

We offer two share types: 5-Month Share and One-Time Share.

5-Month Share

Available at NYC locations only
$152 for the whole season

Our 5-month share provides delicious, locally-grown frozen veggies and fruit once a month from December to April.

Each delivery consists of 1 jar of shelf-stable Tomato Puree plus 6 separately packaged frozen items like Butternut Squash Puree, Sweet Corn, Diced Sweet Peppers, and Broccoli.

Our NYC pick-up locations include: Grand Street CSA, 6th Street CSA, and Sunnyside CSA.

One-Time Share

Available at Hudson Valley locations only
$142 for the one-time share

Our One-Time Share provides all of our amazing frozen produce in one pick-up in December. Our One-Time share pick-up locations include: New Paltz, Poughkeepsie, and Kingston.

One-time members get a total of 38 items in the share. The exact share may vary, but you can expect to get roughly the following amounts for each item:

Blueberries - 7 bags
Chopped Broccoli - 3 bags
Butternut Puree - 2 bags
Cauliflower - 3 bags
Collards or Kale - 1 bag
Edamame - 3 bags
Green Beans - 3 bags
Peppers - 4 bags
Summer Squash - 1 bag
Sweet Corn - 6 bags
Tomato Puree - 4 jars
Fresh Pea Shoots - 1 bag
Total - 38 items